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After a long and busy day, all we ever want to do is come home, relax, and recharge for the next day’s grind. Doing the cleaning on your own can be very challenging, especially when you need to prepare for an important gathering. Let our pros at House Cleaners Lowell help you.

Customised House Cleaning Service

Whether you want a one-time cleaning or a regular one or even a maid service, our team is more than glad to work on it. We guarantee that you no longer have to dread coming home and do the arduous cleaning by yourself. Allow our house cleaner or our reliable loft cleaner to turn your entire home into haven where you would love staying all day.

Because we understand that there are some cleaning tasks that you want done on your own, and there some that you can no longer accommodate, we offer you customised services. You can choose which services you need, when you need them done, and how you want it done at very friendly house cleaner price.

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  • Standard House Cleaning Services – this service includes the basic housekeeping services like mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming the floor. Rest assured that we only apply cleaning methods that work best on your type of floor so it remains in tiptop shape. Whether it is tile, wood, or carpet flooring, we handle them all with care.

Our standard cleaning services also include tidying up and surface cleaning, removing all dirt, debris, and grime on all types of surfaces. We disinfect bathrooms, sinks, toilets, and make sure that all corners of your personal oasis are squeaky clean.

Finally, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that every meal you serve for your family free from any contaminants from dirty surfaces, we give utmost care to your kitchen. We make sure that the benchtops, splashbacks, and sinks are free from oil splatters, mould, and other harmful microorganisms that would compromise the health and safety of your loved ones.

  • Extra House Cleaning – cleaning appliances, changing linens, sheets, and making your bed, ironing shirts and pants, or school uniforms require a lot of time and effort. Busy individuals don’t have the luxury of time or extra energy to do these tedious chores on their own. This is why we offer these extra house cleaning services. 

Say goodbye to days when you come home to a dirty bed or cram because you forgot about ironing your kids’ uniforms. Our house cleaners can do them all for you. No need to panic; and you don’t settle for who comes out first when you search “house cleaner near me”.  Go with a licensed, insured, and professional cleaning company like us.

Upcoming dinner party? In-laws arriving for a visit? If you are looking for a quick clean of your house to get it back up to scratch, and have the intention of keeping things tidy after that, a one-off clean may suit you. We understand that cleaning the entire house may be so overwhelming you just don’t get started, so help yourself out by giving your house a complete makeover in one foul swoop.

You’ll be surprised at the difference clean windows, decluttered surfaces, scrubbed floors and thoroughly vacuumed carpets can make to the feel of your home. Sometimes you just need another person to collect all your rubbish together so it’s easy to get rid of the lot – we’ll do that too.

Try this service once, see how you go, and we bet you that we’ll see you returning for regular cleans in no time!

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