Welcome to House Cleaners Lowell, your cleaning professionals servicing the metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. Whether you have ran out of time to do it yourself, or you’re looking for that extra special clean that’ll brighten your day, House Cleaners Lowell is the house cleaning service for you! Feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help you with what you require. 


Upcoming dinner party? In-laws arriving for a visit? If you are looking for a quick clean of your house to get it back up to scratch, and have the intention of keeping things tidy after that, a one-off clean may suit you. We understand that cleaning the entire house may be so overwhelming you just don’t get started, so help yourself out by giving your house a complete makeover in one foul swoop.

You’ll be surprised at the difference clean windows, decluttered surfaces, scrubbed floors and thoroughly vacuumed carpets can make to the feel of your home. Sometimes you just need another person to collect all your rubbish together so it’s easy to get rid of the lot – we’ll do that too.


Whether you work in a small office, or are spread across and entire building floor, House Cleaners Lowell are more than happy to visit outside of business hours and provide office cleaning services. Depending on how frequently the office space is used, and by which team members, we may only have return once a fortnight to ensure the office space is maintained at an acceptable tidyness. Maintaining a clean office is important for maintaining team morale, and keeping productivity where it should be.


Some of our Clients require specialist cleaning services, and we are happy to discuss your every need. From removing stains , to unblocking drains, we are sure to have a solution for you. Just contact our experienced cleaning professionals to discuss your options.