How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

Housekeeping staff must regularly clean shower doors of water spots and soap scum in order to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom environment for visitors.

Hotel staff utilize various cleaning products and methods to get glass shower doors looking their best for guests, and even utilize some handy tricks that are sure to please.

Lemon juice

Hotels employ various strategies for keeping their glass shower doors gleaming clean. Housekeeping staff regularly cleans them to eliminate soap scum, water spots and any other sources of grime accumulation.

Lemon juice contains citric acid which is milder than vinegar and can help remove mineral deposits and hard water stains from tempered glass surfaces.

One common cleaning hack involves the use of a pumice stone, which can help remove hard water stains on glass shower doors.

If you don’t own a pumice stone, an alternative method for eliminating hard water stains may be using a razor blade at an angle below 45 degrees so as to avoid scratching the glass surface. Just be careful that when doing so you hold it low so as not to scratch your surface!

After each shower, many hotels use squeegees to wipe their glass shower doors clean, helping remove water spots and streaks while simultaneously drying the surface and minimizing moisture build-up that can cause mold or mildew growth.

Squeegeeing doors is another important way to keep a bathroom tidy, saving time and money spent on expensive cleaning products.

Hotels typically use squeegees and other abrasive materials to clean their glass shower doors, but hotels also often install water softeners in their buildings to minimize limescale build-up on glass surfaces, which reduces limescale accumulation on shower doors and curbs hard water stains and scale deposits from becoming an issue. This helps prevent the formation of hard water stains or scale.


Hotels use vinegar as one of their key cleaning agents for glass shower doors in order to remove soap scum, mildew, and other residues that build up over time on them. Vinegar helps dissolve soap scum, mildew, and other residues on glass surfaces and helps ensure its cleanliness over time.

To use vinegar on your shower, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and use it to spray onto the glass surfaces of the room. Allow it to work for several minutes before wiping down with sponge or squeegee.

Vinegar can also help remove hard water stains from glass, thanks to the acid present in its composition that breaks down mineral deposits that cause staining.

Hotels use a low-cost squeegee to keep their glass shower doors looking pristine after each guest uses the shower, using this strategy to remove water droplets and splatters after they shower – keeping the entire area looking immaculate while also helping prevent soap scum build-up in advance.

Hotel guests often use their showers for extended periods, making it essential to keep the glass doors spotless. There are multiple methods available to hotels for doing this; some use squeegeeing while others may opt for cleaners specifically formulated to remove hard water stains.


Hotels use various cleaning products to keep their shower doors looking their best, including Borax as an effective means of eliminating soap scum build-up and hard water stains on glass surfaces.

Mix one cup of borax and half a cup of water together in order to form a paste, and apply with damp sponge onto any surfaces covered in scum before rinsing and rinsing off with distilled water, followed by drying with clean cloth.

Pumice stones can also be an effective tool for eliminating hard water stains by helping break down mineral deposits that cause them.

At some hotels, glass shower doors are cleaned using a vinegar solution to effectively combat tough marks and scum from shower walls and doors – Sara San Angelo cautions against its use on stone surfaces as it could potentially damage them.

Hotels should apply a water repellent such as Rain-X once every month in their showers to prevent water spots and soap scum build-up on glass shower doors. This treatment causes water droplets to form beads on glass surfaces which then easily bead off before being easily wiped away using a clean towel.

Ultimately, the best way to keep your glass shower door clean is to create and follow a regular cleaning schedule. By doing so, your hotel will boast sparkling and spotless glass shower doors that encourage guests to return time after time.

Magic Erasers

Glass shower doors can quickly become discolored with soap scum and mineral deposits when water drops dry on them, leaving behind unwanted debris on their surfaces.

Hotels commonly install water softeners to remove minerals from the water and prevent them from accumulating on shower doors, helping keep them clean while saving time by not needing to regularly scrub them down. While this method works great for keeping shower doors clear, cleaning them out daily may become tedious over time.

An easy and safe way to clean shower doors is with the use of a Magic Eraser, made up of sponge-like pads made of nonabrasive melamine foam which won’t scratch glass and plastic surfaces alike.

To use a Magic Eraser, first moisten the pad before gently wiping back and forth across the surface of your shower door with it until its surface is free from streak marks and other marks. Repeat this step until your glass shower door has become spotless!

Squeegeeing can also help remove any excess water. A microfibre cloth can also be useful for polishing tempered glass as it won’t scratch it and leave your surface looking sparkling clean.

A dryer sheet can also help get rid of soap scum on glass surfaces by softening it, making it easier to scrub off with a sponge and not overscrubping as this could leave scratches or streaks behind.

Protective coating

Hotel owners and their staff may find themselves regularly cleaning glass shower doors at their hotels, necessitating access to microfiber towels and high-grade glass cleaners for this task.

Hotels often utilize water softeners to prevent hard water stains from accumulating on their shower doors, making cleaning simpler while maintaining bright, clear glass for years to come.

Hotels also utilize protective coatings as another means of keeping their glass shower doors pristine, such as invisible layers that adhere directly to the surface of glass surfaces.

At the final step of manufacturing, a coating is applied that permanently bonds with glass itself and prevents soap scum or mold growth from developing on its surface.

These coatings also prevent the formation of spots on glass by preventing mineral deposits from accumulating in overlapping areas, where spots appear when water evaporates and leaves behind mineral deposits that become the perfect breeding grounds for soap scum to hide and spread.

Untreated hard water stains and soap scum stains on glass surfaces can eventually dull and discolor them over time, but with protective coatings these stains are easy to remove, preserving its brightness.

Steam cleaning

Hotels want their guests to have a positive and relaxing stay, and keeping glass shower doors free from water stains and soap scum is essential to this experience. A routine should be put in place in order to maintain clean surfaces; alternatively there are products and methods used by hotels that keep shower doors looking gleamingly new.

One of the best ways for hotels to maintain clean glass shower doors is through steam cleaning, as this removes all forms of debris – germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and any other potentially hazardous contaminants – from them.

Additionally, using natural cleaners can reduce reliance on chemical-based cleaners that are harmful to the environment – this is especially important in homes with young children, where coming in contact with harsh chemicals could pose health risks to their delicate skin.

Hotels often squeegee their shower doors after every shower to help prevent soap scum and hard water stains from building up, keeping their doors spotless for guests while making daily cleaning simpler. This strategy ensures a spotless environment and makes daily maintenance much simpler.

Hotels use a microfiber cloth to wipe down their glass shower doors to scrub away dirt and grime without scratching, and will leave no lint or fiber particles behind.

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